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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ready for take off!

- Danièle, you should write a blog.....That’s Becky for ya!
- Sure why not.
- Woman, write a blog!
- Alright, alright,! * sigh *

Yeah right, Miss Becky. How the heck do I do this thing. Like I don’t have anything else to do. Grrr... Like English was my native tongue…seeeeee…Like I don't have family to take care of…seeeeee…. I also have a job….. oh wait… maybe not.

These days, unbusy is the word, recession, an’all…and because I am self employed, and I love my job as a translator, I am very reluctant calling it a day, and go back out in the scary world to look for a job in a "real" company. Plus, really at my age, I should be entitled to keep working in a job I am good at, and a business I have developed over 22 years, right?

Retail therapy? My patience with shopping is very limited.

Coffee with my sisters? Well one of them lives in Ireland, miles away from me, the other three live in France

Visit my mum? She left this Earth 23 years ago, and my dad is in France.

Take care of my kids? They are grown now, and provide their own entertainment, and sometimes mine.

I have no dog, just myself to walk, and I don’t do city walking, BUT I do hiking, so you might hear about that here.

Dreaming awake, hell yeah! I may even write about this, you know… if you don’t dream awake, you end up never doing anything of value to yourself. Some folks call this having projects, like a project car or something, I call this dreaming; maybe I should have been an Inuit.

Talk to myself? Yeah I do that a lot, so why not blog and share? I once wrote a whole thingy about the importance of internal speech and language development, ah the good old days of learning… Yeah I think I’ll talk about learning too. Suddenly I find myself thinking about my primary school days, and the wonderful pictures that adorned my schools books.

And hey my house is full already; this place could be a new hideout, a little house in the tree, a treasure trove, a playground, or maybe even a junkyard.

See, I also talk to my fish a lot, and they are there with me.... See them swim? There is Galipette, Pirouette, Feu brillant, Boulotte and Josette, they love music and movies, that’s why the video bar at the bottom of this page !
Means they are less bored when I am not home. Right now, it’s only tuned on my channel, which shows my attempts at creating a couple slideshows out of… of what? …. Well, possibly of This and that….

Finally, on behalf of the captain (that would be me), may I personally thank Becky Wagner of Becky’s blog, who strongly encouraged me to take the plunge and start a blog.

Come, comment often, and enjoy the ramblings.

Coming upI always wanted to be a pin up, cakes, Barbie, Aggie Mack, French comedies, chanteuses from the 1960’s, death memorials, planning a road trip, roadside architecture America, The importance of owning a green dress, Pam Grier, old school books, French cartoons, TV series, movies and book reviews, the path to Saint Jacques de Compostelle, things seen from my French point of view, how I became a translator, nursery rhymes, maybe even ….music…. This, that and a couple more things too…


Becky said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you got started. Now there will be no stopping you. You will think of ideas for blog posts when you are in the shower, driving around...the possibilities are endless! xo

Danièle said...

Well that's all your fault! :-)

Leilani said...

Thank you for voting! Please vote every day if you can:

Also congrats on the new blog, I'll be linking to you soon. :)

Danièle said...

I will Leilani. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and always admire your pictures and style. I'll do the Facebook thing too :-)