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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday on my mind

Had a very strange Friday. First of all I have been sick all week with tummy issues, and I have been ignoring this too long, so if I get 5 minutes I problee should go to doc, haven't been able to look at hot food for about a week now, not that it's bad per se.

But yes back to Friday, I had a chair tango class at 4, with my favourite dance teacher Carolina who is from Columbia. Carolina is the spitting image of "Gloria" (Sofia Vergara) in Modern Family.

In other word, Carolina is the image if perfection, and her taste in music is equal to none, but then again she went to tango school in Argentina, no less.

Then had to go to PJ's debs drinks at his old school, I went in my gym gear, all parents were in penguin wear so I felt a tad out of place especially since my son was wearing a tux and his hair is about the same length as mine now. Anyhooo, taking into account that I had seen "IF" the previous night, I guess the other parents were lucky that I opted not to bring any weapons. But all the guys and dolls were lovely, my son in particular of course :-) and his girlfriend!

All the girls were beautiful, and all the guys looked quite uneasy in their tux, but hey what an opportunity to role play being gangsters.

So I went home, left them to deal with their first taste of how boring these types of events can be, and my friends Irma and Anne were coming that evening for a ciné-club night. We meet once in a while to watch a French or an Italian movie together, usually a comedy. This time it was Tanguy.

It was a nice enough comedy, you can never really go wrong with experienced comedic actors such as Sabine Azema and André Dussolier, basically about a son driving his parents demented as he is 28 and won't leave home, seemingly a common issue these days.

What a strange Friday it was.


Annushka said...

I love this blog, very beautiful)))

Danièle said...

Thank you so much :-)

Becky said...

Are you feeling better now?