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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


A long, long time ago, back in the 20th century, when there was dead space on French TV, they would stick this video clip for you to patiently wait until programmes resumed.

Unfortunately I dont have this type of means to distract you, while you wait. I had all sorts of ambitions of writing about the glory of airports, and how great my dentist is. Hold your thoughts for just a little while, because I am just too busy to do anything about this this week. Meanwhile, of course, nothing prevents you from thinking ahead about said themes, I repeat once again - "airports" "dentist" in case you wanna leave a comment then.

So for your musical interlude today I thought I would give you a choice.

If you wanna be cheered up watch this one:

If you are too cheerful (stop the weed, man!), you might want to listen to Damia who really deserves a whole post, and will definitely put a downer to your day.

But hey, have a great day!


Pinupmania said...

J'avais totalement oublié "Interlude". Merci pour ce rappel

Danièle said...

Quand on vit loin de chez soi, comme par magie tout revient à l'esprit, même Monty!

Kitschmoog said...

Moments nostalgiques passés chez la grand mère en attendant l'éclair au chocolat du Dimanche après midi... synonymes pour moi des trains jouef et autres maisons miniatures à construire sans parler des interminables dessins de création de mode et des leçons de solfège obligatoires !

genuinediary said...

Moi, j'ai pas eu le droit au petit train. Rapport que I wasn''t born yet.

J'ai tout de suite eu le droit à la pub.

Et je vote pour l'histoire du dentiste que j'imagine très bien sexy.

Danièle said...

On a eu la télé très tard à la maison, donc j'allais voir les programmes chez d'autres et le petit train passait très souvent me sembkle t-il car j'y avais droit chaque fois.

Quand à mon dentiste la suite au prochain numéro he is a star, and should be beatified.

Deborah Lawrenson said...

I'd never heard of Damia before - her voice has that hard edge of suffering like Piaf. I can see your wonderful blog is going to be a real education for me!

Danièle said...

Thanks Deborah. I did not dare post the truely horrific song she did about the guillotine "La veuve" Youtube it its thre. Her voice has so much menace in it. If you are interested you should also check out Fréhel. Thanks for reading.

genuinediary said...

Oh la la!* Comme dirait l'angliche. Ou l'américain, plutôt. Les irish disent aussi "Oh la la!"?

*rapport au dentiste.

Danièle said...

Yesh they do Madahme :-)

Le créneau du cinéma said...

merci d'être ^passée sur mon blog a tres bientot