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Friday, April 29, 2011

Real royalty

Call me lucky or unlucky, but I put on TV this morning just in time to catch the new royals, heading out of Westminster to get back to Buckingham Palace, and lo and behold, didn't Alexander McQueen copy MY wedding dress? (well my mum's, seeing that I wore hers). But Alex tho, don't you worry, I won't sue for copyright infringement, as we say in French: J'ai d'autres chats à fouetter  (I have other cats to whip, really its's not that hard to decipher).

All this talk of royal wedding for some reason-unknown to myself as per ususal.made me think of Catherine Deneuve, who I think is possibly the closest we French have to royalty. And then one thing leading to another, I was soon reminiscing, as one would, about Jacques Demy's Les Demoiselles de Rochefort, and the song which is amongst my top ten sing-under the shower, sing-while-you-cook, sing while-you-think, sing while-you-do whatever, in other words La Chanson des Jumelles (video under for those of you who would have the temerity of admitting to not knowing this absolute pillar of French popular culture, and you'd better revise on Harley Davidson by Brigitte Bardot, as this assignment is likely to crop up soon. Soon is the word!)

If you want royal, this movie is IT.
Royal - The amazing score by Michel Legrand
Royal - Catherine Deneuve and sister François Dorléac.

Look how elegant they are. The costumes are so conceptual. They wear the same clothes, but observe the colour coordination and the cut of the dresses with a flare skirt, which instead of slits (too vulgar) have colour panels within the flared skirt. Notice also the bodice shape that follows the body contours, but, no décolletage, and the Ascott-worthy hats.
These girls are perfect women, not only are they beautiful but they are witty, talented, sassy, and both sexy (we are informed of their exploits in one of the songs) and idealistic. They don't care about money, they want to meet their prince charming. Awwww! Fairy tale stuff. Never mind the sailor who knows exactly what the love of his life looks life, although he has not met her yet. Classic!
Royal - Director Démy for hiring Gene Kelly and George Chakiris for this ambitious French musical. lets not forget that Truffaut and Godard held American cinema as the pinnacle of perfection, and Hollywood has repaid the compliment at times, by doing remakes of French comedies mostly (Dinner for Smucks being the last example of this phenomenon). Think about it, the achievement was incredible, in fact I think it was more or less unique. Gathering lead American actors to play second fiddle in a French movie. Wow! Plus we knew that Gene Kelly could dance, and sing.
 But who knew that his accent was perfect... maybe even ...Royal!

I mean really imagine a movie now starring Leonardo De Caprio AND Brad Pitt with say Chiara Mastroianni and Charlotte Gainsbourg, which takes place in the back of beyond! (I think the closest I can think of and that was a few years ago, is Chocolat with JohnnyDepp and Juliette Binoche).
I mean seriously West Side Story, the royalty of American cinema, brought to small town France, for an equally fairy tale-like (but less Shakesperean) movie.

So for those of you who don't care too much about the royal wedding today, but wanna stay in regal mood, why not plan a screening of this classic of French cinema. And please check out that impeccable accent!


Anonymous said...

Jacques Demy, notre petit réalisateur de la région 44 :-)

J'ai regardé le Royal Wedding. J'ai adoré. Kate était sublime.

Mais je ne veux pas de prince charmant. Un homme charmant suffira. Pas envie de passer des après-midi à prendre le thé en trempant un biscuit tout en faisant gaffe à me tenir bien droite, lever le petit doigt et parler tricot avec les mémés anglaises retraités du coin.

Bonne soirée!

Danièle said...

Je dois avouer que bravo pour la robe sobre. As-tu remarqué qu'à son arrivée le Prince William avait des difficultes à se retenir de pouffer de rire, sûrement les nerfs. J'ai beaucoup aimé les arbres dans l'abbaye, mais par contre pourqoi les Beckham et Guy Ritchies étaient là?

Je suis grande fan de Jacques Demy. Les demoiselles est un film ab-so-lu-ment génial, qui fait partie de mes films favoris.

Tiens aujourd;hui j;étais partie pour causer des petite filles modèles, mais bon comme d'hab j;'ai contourné! xxx

Deborah Lawrenson said...

Impeccable! How I love films and music like this, everything about it, the clothes, the hairstyles, the views of streets and countryside...thanks for the reminder of this charming classic!

Dial V for Vintage said...

Oh yes, I love this movie, I was even thinking of blogging about it! The songs are so catchy! :)

Danièle said...

@ Paulinette, je n'avais pas fait le lien. Demy est l'un de mes cinéastes préférés, j'adore Peau d'Ane aussi, mais bon kes cpntes de fées j'en fais la collec aussi.
@ Debbie, when you live far away from your home, sometimes you get to think a lot more about it, and the older I get, the more I miss France, and the more I feel, I am not part of it. In part this blog allows me to reconnect, and this is a good thing for me :-)
@ D V, please I would love it if you wrote a blog about this movie. I actually don;t feel I wrote anything about the movie itself in this entry. I'd say the movie itself deserves a whole page.

Becky said...

Haha! That's funny, we both made similar comments about 'the' dress! I want to see a pic of you in your wedding dress now.

Anonymous said...

J'aime le raccourci Mariage princier --> Demoiselles de Rochefort ! J'y aurai jamais songé.

Moi aussi je surkiffe ce film.

Sinon, je dis pauvre Kate, d'avoir son mariage affiché dans le tout le monde mondial.

Danièle said...

@ Becky link me up to your comment !

@ Gounjous, dis-donc yzont pas à se plaindre les royals, avec le camion de glace qui a débarqué à je ne sais quelle heure du mat!