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Friday, February 11, 2011

Love in the South

February is the month of love, right? What with Valentine's Day and all that, and I have to thank Pam (your embroidery patterns are just darn cute) for reminding me of this otherwise honestly, it would have slipped my mind that this fatal date was soon approaching. 

A day, which before the martyrdom of no less than 3 Valentines, goes seemingly back to Ancient Rome lupercalia (like we care.... but this way we'll look as if we know something, thank you Messieurs Wales and Sanger).

In France, there are few artists who are as closely linked to St Valentine's Day, love, and Cupid as Raymond Peynet.
The girl and boy in his paintings are a representation of him the poet (which you may recognize because he wear an artist's hat), and her, his muse/sweetheart.
In the picture two down you see a representation of a kiosk, which is where is is meant to have met his wife, in Valence, in the South of France. It now is called "Le kiosque Peynet".

Here it is again in the background!
And look how sheltered and happy these 2 are.
Birds are the messengers of love, right? I wonder what they are doing in her petticoat here??? Oh Monsieur Peynet, you are a little too suggestive here, for someone as romantic as you!
Holey Molley or rather Lovey... dovey!!!
The "Peynet lovers" became so popular in France in the 1950's and 60's that the big wheels of commerce had to have a bite of the lion's share. Yes they made them into dolls, which I am quite certain you can now purchase for a few hundred euros each on ebay.
In 1985, the French government thought it would be a good idea to pay tribute to Peynet with this special edition stamp for Valentines Days.
Finally, look how blissfully happy they are... in a world of their own, at one with nature. Rather ethereal, but also sitting on a bench, because people who are in love, have time to sit on benches, it is a well know fact.
So much so, that George Brassens decided to tell the story of these lovers sitting on public park benches throughout the whole world.
Love in the North coming soon. ... Meanwhile be wise, don't forget that love is in the heart and not in purses or wallets.

Yours truly.


The Vintage Knitter said...

Thank you for introducing Raymond Peynet to me, Danièle. I've never seen his pictures before and they're so lovely; my favourite is the one with the doves. xxx

kittykill said...

Oh my goodness! I am in love!

Anonymous said...


I don't have time to seat on a bench. Maybe I should find my valentine...

Someone here ...? ;-))

Danièle said...

Thank you girls and I hope you all have a great week-end :-)
Paulinette, it's wayyy too cold to sit on benches, Lord knows what kind of diseases you would end up with! Plus it's not really THAT posh, hehehe.

Kitschmoog said...

This is a worry day for me...
However, I'm happy for all lovers around the world.
Perhaps, I have my chance this year ?
I wish the best, peace, love and more for others bloggers !
I remember R. PEYNET cartoons lovers on French TV , it was in 1965...
OOpps , I'm old now !
But I'm young in my head, of course...

Daniele, I'll sent you a MP3 of my own music arrangement "La Polka des Amoureux" A rare techno version of the music from this Peynet cartoons, what a coincidence again !


Danièle said...

Dan, I did not know about the cartoons! I would love it if you could find a reference somewhere. Hey why not go sit on a bench in 14th Feb see what happens???? Who knows someone else might come and sit besides you, hehe, Please send me your polka, would love to hear it.

Pinupmania said...

Mes grandes soeurs ( nées en 1937-1939) collectionnaient les petites poupées de Peynet.

Danièle said...

Je dois avouer que d'y repenser j'ai vraiment envie d'en retrouver, surtout car leur matière était en mousse "technigum" avec armature interne. On pouvait leur plier bras et jambes. Ma tante en faisait la collection et il était interdit d'y toucher, donc en cachette bien évidemment...

Annushka said...

Love, love, love dear))) Beautiful post and blog!!!