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Saturday, February 5, 2011

What could I tell you?

I could tell you about the great perversity of movies such as Bluebeard's Eight Wife (1938) 
or Myra Beckinridge (1970)....
I could tell you about series 4 of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, or season 2 of I Love Lucy

I could tell you about the new Mary Poppins scarf I just knitted

I could tell you about my great Tango/Rumba teacher Carolina Santana

I could tell you about how the individual is being swallowed by the man...yeah, mon! But good ol' Pete says it better than me (that's for you Paulinette :-).

But why bother about this when I could tell you of the wonders of my job (innocently batting eyelids to my invisible readers) and working for the global dollar and how I just love being watched over by Big Brother for every single minute of my working life for just above minimum wage. But hey, happy happy happy it's a job! Rare thing these days.

So ... 

Yours truly...


Anonymous said...

"We wanna get loaded!" Yeah!
Ahah! Priceless!

I want to face the music and dance too, but I am afraid I would just look like an idiot instead of looking elegant and sexy. So, for your sake, I will just face the others facing the music and dancing.Believe me... ;)

PS : Are the two weirdos on the first photograph facing the music and dancing too, even if they are linked by their neck..?

PS : ça c'est pas du com' de PD pour te faire venir commenter mon blog, hein?? ;-)

Jamil S.P. said...

Simple, sincère et sympa! :)

Danièle said...

Bon week-end chers Paulinette et Jamil :-)

Sew Country Chick said...

I LOVE THAT clip. I had to post it on my FB page!

Annushka said...

Beautiful clips))) Love, love, love post dear))) Your blog is very, very, very, interesting.